I write story books (fiction) and information books (non-fiction)

‘Fiction’ books are make-believe or invented stories about characters, events and places that are made up out of your imagination, like my first picture book ‘Oodles of Noodles’ or my ‘Little Koala’ books.

Non-Fiction books provide information and facts about ourselves and everything around us, like the series of six books on the environment called ‘Australian Habitats’ that I wrote with Kath Hawke.

My Fiction Books:

These include

  • Picture books
  • Early readers
My Non-Fiction Books:

These include series of books like

  • ‘Living and Growing’
    – about human growth and development

  • ‘Australian Communities’
    – about different places people live

  • ‘See How It Grows’
    – about how animals live and grow

  • ‘Australian Habitats’
    – about different environments